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Since moving to Florida 5 years ago, I have sought out and experienced massage therapy with many different therapists in Charlotte and Sarasota counties, and in my opinion, found Diana Gross to be by far one of the absolute best! While others provided some relief, Diana always seems to find "every little knot" and doesn't stop until they're all gone. When you leave Diana's table you know you've been worked on. Having had back problems most of my life, I find that with regular massage by Diana, I rarely need to seek any other type of therapy (i.e. chiropractic).
I would be happy to recommend Diana's services to anyone with a need for thorough deep tissue massage. Diana is a top notch professional and provides much needed quality massage therapy services.
--Gail J. Dugas

I have been receiving therapy by Diana for the past six years. I receive therapy every five weeks. I have had back and neck issues since 1970 when I was in high school. Until I became a client of Diana's, I never knew relief. Diana is so knowledgeable and educated in her field. I recommend anyone in need to experience body relief and no pain. Diana also gives massage for relaxation. My life has changed since Diana became a part of it. God Bless you Diana.
--Debi Forst

I've been going to Diana for several years now. I've been involved in 2 automobile accidents and Diana is my "relief" from all my muscular aches and pains. As a physical therapist assistant, I know the importance of massage and its role in healing and correcting muscular issues. I highly recommend Diana to anyone in need of "Relief" from muscular aches and pains. Her skills are truly a gift.
--Sharon King

I go to Diana primarily because I have an ongoing back condition that creates multiple spasms. I need someone who can do deep tissue work and Diana is that person. She is very professional in all of her work. She also continues to update her knowledge and skills which benefits all of us.
All of my family (male and female) have gone to her and all feel the same way. Give her a call and your body (and mind) will thank you for doing it.
--Shirley S.

Diana Gross is a truly gifted Massage Therapist. I am an avid 36 mile a week runner, have run 4 marathons, and she has helped keep me healthy for the last 7 years! Even when I injure myself, she finds the source, and gets me back on the pavement quickly. Many massage therapists claim to perform "Deep Tissues Massage", however Diana is the only one that I've found that knows how to perform one! After one of her massages I am truly back in balance again. As an athlete, I believe a good masseuse is essential, and having had scores of inadequate massages, I know that with Diana will keep my physical and mental health in balance! Those of us who cherish a superior massage therapist spend years looking for one, and I have that found one in Diana.
--Teresa Palmer

I have been a client and a friend of Diana Gross for over twelve years. Early on, as a musician, I had aching muscles and spots that Diana talked to, treated tenderly and helped me enjoy my time for playing the cello.
I no longer play the cello, but my bones and muscles are older and Diana again comes to the rescue to soothe and ease the aches and pains so that I can move with ease and comfort. Massage therapy has been a wonderful addition to my aging life as well as when I was younger.
I highly recommend Diana Gross.
--Bernice Knoy

I have been going to Massage Therapy by Diana for years and I truly believe that have benefited from my sessions with Diana. The work Diana does is intensive but extremely helpful. I am very active, run, swim and lift weights and I am sure that I could not continue to enjoy these activities without the help I receive from Diana. Over the years, I have tried other therapists and none can compare. I highly recommend Diana as a massage therapist. She is always very professional and her office is extremely clean.
--Beth A. Sullivan

I have been going to Diana for 10 years. My experience has been nothing less than spectacular. Her knowledge has saved me from a great deal of pain. She is precise in every aspect of her business. I look forward to her smiling face and her strong hands to make me feel better. I highly recommend her for all aches and pains or simply a relaxing massage.
--Bill M.

A friend at work referred Diana to me and I couldn't be happier with the results of my visits. Diana has helped me with shoulder pain, back pain and hand pain. She has been able to relieve my pain in one or two visits while weeks of physical therapy with others has done nothing. I am always amazed at the relief I feel after a visit with her. She is very professional yet very easy to talk to. Her office has a very tranquil feel that helps also. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone suffering from muscle or joint pain. I am pain free for the first time in years and give all the credit to Diana. Thanks Diana!!
--Peggy Sheridan

After trying many different modalities and medications, my husband and I have finally been enjoying a life free from pain. Diana's highly skilled method of massage therapy and her detailed muscle work always finds the root cause of pain and releases it. The relief we have experienced from such a technique has added quality to our lives and has made us more productive. Please don't expect a "superficial" rub-down when you visit! But you can expect pain relief from a therapist who is not only a true professional, but one of the most kind and compassionate person you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.
--Lisa Cusumano

I have had myofacial pain for many years. My pain has been so intense that I feared I would lose the ability to walk. There are two things that help to relieve my pain, exercise and Diana's hands. I look so forward to my weekly massage. I have been to countless doctors and therapist and have tried many treatments after many different diagnostic procedures. Diana is the winner! God works miracles through her hands.
--Dian L. Cox


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