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swedish massage
A technique used to promote a state of relaxation. It helps to increase circulation, range of motion, reduces stress, tension and decreases pain. Swedish massage is wonderful for maintaining overall health and well being. Light to moderate pressure is used.

craniosacral therapy
*CST is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own healing mechanisms to dissipate negative effects of stress on your central nervous system.
*Upledger Institute, Inc.

lymphatic drainage therapy
A gentle touch, helps toxins and waste products to be eliminated. Works to stimulate the immune system and increases fluid and circulation.

pregnancy massage
Special care is given to "mothers to be". Get relief from back, hip and neck pain that often accompanies pregnancy.


neuromuscular therapy
Detailed and specific work designed to treat tissue pain and dysfunction. Eliminates refer pain from trigger points, and releases spasm hypercontractions in soft tissue. An initial examination will be given in order to evaluate posture, gait, and soft tissues. NMT is excellent for treating acute and chronic pain conditions.

ETPS Electrically located and stimulates a specific series of treatment points which historically have been proven to help relieve chronic pain. This can be done with a massage or on its own.

Is a technique for treating the fascia. Fascia is the most abundant tissue in the body as it covers every muscle fiber, nerve, organ and bone. When restricted, can produce pain and postural distortion.


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